Gremlins 2 – Lenny


Limited edition illustrated movie posters brought to you exclusively by RobotWig

Product Description

“All they have to do is to eat three or four children and there’d be the most appalling publicity.

Right, okay you’ve skipped passed two Mogwai’s to get here, come on go back to the first if your a proper collector you need to buy number one issue first or at least number two, oh, you’ve bought them already? Oh you didn’t like those you just want this one? sorry I need to get our hearing sorted. This guy loves ice-cream you think we had the time to draw an ice cream machine? erm…no! but he has a brand name ice cream from the the 90’s.

RobotWig fact: This little critter shares the same name as my house robot without the afro.

This is episode three in the Gremlins 2 collection, perfect as a gift for a relative, friend, someone who loves a Magnum lolly or Callipo, your choice I don’t judge, a loved one or a little treat for yourself to improve that horrible colour the last person picked to paint your wall.

All the artwork sold here is illustrated by me (Steve Berry), your getting a really unique item, printed on a high resolution on a premium grade silk stock to give colours that real pop. If you wish to purchase different sizes or Giclee prints please get in touch for costs.

Delivery estimate: 3-5 working days

Additional information


Actual image size: h:420mm x w:527mm

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