Gremlins 2 – Daffy


Limited edition illustrated movie posters brought to you exclusively by RobotWig

Product Description

“They put me on at 3am. People who are awake at 3am aren’t afraid of the Wolfman. The only thing that frightens those people is sobering up and going to work.

Okay, it’s fine you’ve visited the first batch your here to complete your collection. I have to say the giggly insane corn eating numpty nuts is my favourite, come on, that laugh is contagious right? This is the closest you’ll get to gizmo…deal with it!

This is episode four, the final episode in the Gremlins 2 collection, perfect as a gift for a relative, friend, someone who has a few pennies short of a pound, a loved one or a little treat for yourself to hide the woodchip on your wall.

All the artwork sold here is illustrated by me (Steve Berry), your getting a really unique item, printed on a high resolution on a premium grade silk stock to give colours that real pop. If you wish to purchase different sizes or Giclee prints please get in touch for costs.

Delivery estimate: 3-5 working days

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Actual image size: h:420mm x w:527mm

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