Limited edition illustrated movie posters brought to you exclusively by RobotWig

Product Description

“Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?”

“Ah, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”

Let’s not argue over which is the best Ghostbusters movie we all know the right answer, yeah it’d be really expensive to own the real thing so why not own it in printed form and wang it on your wall for all your guests to admire. Little RobotWig fact: the green ectoplasmic mist is Slimer being sucked up and captured for the first time in the movie. Go on, purchase this piece of cinematic history, perfect as a gift for a relative, friend, somebody who likes to watch most haunted (Evette Fielding I’m talking to you; through Sam!), loved one or a little treat for yourself to disguise the damp patch on your wall.

All the artwork sold here is illustrated by me (Steve Berry), your getting a really unique item, printed on a high resolution on a premium grade silk stock to give colours that real pop. If you wish to purchase different sizes or Giclee prints please get in touch for costs.

Delivery estimate: 3-5 working days

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Actual image size: h:420mm x w:527mm